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The long British winter can be tough on conservatories. The once white UPVC is now green with algae, and the roof panels are covered in moss and dead leaves. If your conservatory is no longer the bright and fresh space you once loved, it might be time to call Revive Cleaning & Maintenance! We’re your local exterior cleaning experts, and we know how to restore your conservatory to its former glory in just a few hours. Using our high tech pure-water cleaning system we can reach right up to the tips of the decorative roof finials and clean away the grime without using ladders or climbing up on the roof!

Our pure-water cleaning system uses long carbon poles to reach up high, and specialist soft brush heads to gently remove the grime. A constant flow of purified water through the brush helps wash away all the green algae and dead leaves, and it even makes light work of moss & lichen. In extreme cases we have specialist cleaning solutions that can be pre-sprayed to remove heavy grime, but usually we can clean using the power of pure water alone.

Because the water is ultra-pure it dries naturally to a sparkling finish – none of the spots of lime scale & streaks you’d see from normal tap water. We can clean you WHOLE conservatory including the roof finials, UPVC spars, polycarbonate or glass roof panels, fascia, soffit, gutters, downspouts, windows and doors, and even the UPVC window sills, leaving it sparkling like new from top to bottom. When our team are finished your conservatory will feel fresh, clean and inviting once again, just in time to make the most of it during the summer!

We also offer a range of exterior cleaning services to help the rest of your home to look great. These include roof cleaning and re-coating, gutter clearance and unblocking, fascia & soffit washing, driveway and patio pressure washing, decking and fence pressure washing, solar panel cleaning and much more.

To find out more about our professional conservatory cleaning services that are available for customers across Essex, just call our friendly team today on 07769 894398